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Your Troubleshooting Questions Answered

Jon writes a column in the hard-copy version of Tow Times magazine that shares smart solutions to troubleshooting issues with towing equipment.  The column comes out every other month.  To read past articles, click on the archives below.  If you have an equipment troubleshooting question you would like addressed, email Jon at jonathwickh@aol.com.


Troubleshooting Article Archive                                  
January 2004: Hydraulic Systems Need Venting to Prevent Damage
March 2004: Magnetism and Light Bar Wiring
May 2004: Weak Winches
July 2004: Electric Junction Boxes
September 2004: Top Five Electrical Short Circuits
November 2004: Ice in Hydraulics -- Never a Good Thing
January 2005: Keep Control Levers in Control
March 2005: Damaged Carrier Bed Locks
May 2005: Import Chassis Converter Relays
July 2005: Proper Equipment Mounting is Your Truck's Foundation
September 2005: Electrical Problems?  Don't Overlook the Ground
November 2005: Steer Clear of Shortcuts
January 2006: Clutch Pump Drive Belts:  An Ounce of Prevention...
March 2006: That Sinking Feeling of Hydraulic Sinkage
May 2006: Springtime Snatch Truck Problems
July 2006: Avoid the "Invisible Hand" of Hose Twist
September 2006: Suction Line Blockage
November 2006: Causes of Magnetic Tow Light Failure
January 2007: Correcting Hard-To-Operate PTO Cables
March 2007: Non-Cable-Operated PTO Activation
May 2007: Got Clearance?
July 2007: Troubleshooting New Equipment:  Auto-Loader Hydraulic Valve Bodies
September 2007: Pinched Wires, Wires Run Too Tight, and Mis-Measured Installation
November 2007: Ghosts in the Machine
January 2008: Turn Signals Blink Too Rapidly?
March 2008: Dirty Jobs:  Hydraulic Filter Assembly Leaks
May 2008: Troubleshooting PTO Lights
July 2008: Keep Fuel From Splashing Back When Filling Up
September 2008: Troubleshooting Backup Lights and Alarms