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Items in Stock

Because we incorporate the parts we stock into the repairs we perform, we only stock products that we know from experience will give you the greatest, most lasting value for your dollar over the long run, regardless of the initial price.  

Here are some worthy items we've found that meet this standard:

l   Plain, non-chromed toolbox paddle latches with lock and key
l   Weld-on toolbox hinges made of thick metal
l   Replacement beacon lights for Star Bar and Code 3
l   Magnetic tow lights with thick, strong magnetic bases
l   Extra-heavy-duty forged mini J-hooks
l   Premium quality American-made winch cables, swivel hook
l   Premium quality American-made winch cables, straight hook
l   Muncie hydraulic pumps
l   Muncie cable-shift PTO covers
l   Serviceable light bars that do not contain strobe lights
l   Sealed lamps with incandescent, as opposed to LED, lights
l   Hydraulic cartridge valves from Sun Hydraulics
l   Heavy-duty 50A 12V toggle switches, made of metal