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People who care about conservation of the earth's natural resources use the words "environmental sustainability" to talk about a way of living that doesn't use up resources we may need in the future.

Here at Jon Wickham & Associates, we're not talking about the environment -- what we care about is financial sustainability.  We're different because we aim to be in business not just for the next ten minutes, but for the next ten years and beyond.  We also try to provide the types of worthy services and lasting products that help our customers to build wealth in their business, rather than blow it on cheap junk.

We have 3 goals in order to maintain financial sustainability:

l Whether you own one tow truck or one hundred, we make the repair transaction an uplifting one, where we do business because you want to, not because you feel like there's no other choice.
l We don't waste our money on large signage, gimmick promotions, or razzle-dazzle advertising.
l We sell our products and services at a substantial profit, and we sell them on value, and not on price.
We've achieved major expansion during a period of economic downturn by being a little less hat, and a whole lot more cattle.  If you've never used us before, and that sounds good to you, we invite you to become part of our family of customers.